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Irmgard Hetterich

I love to write books and some are in English.

I love taking walks in the forrest and nature is all around where I live.

I've got a big garden and live in a small town by the River Main in Germany.

I've got lizards as pets at home and care for them every day.

In 2012 we were in South Afrika and saw many animals in the parks.

My experiences in South Afrika I wrote down in my book "Usefull Tips for your first visit to South Africa" which is selling very well.


Ob in Deutsch oder in Englisch, ich habe viele Bücher geschrieben und hoffe, ihr schaut sie hier mal an.

Some People


Some people are happy


Some are sad

Some people know how to make others glad

Life can be bitter or can be sweet

Usually it depends on whom we meet

And how we are treated, good or bad

Then we can be happy

Or we can be sad.